Unique Bridal Shower Games

What better way to celebrate a forthcoming wedding than with a swinging bridal shower, where you can let rip, laugh and play the night away with humorous bridal shower games.

Nowadays, the bride is intimately involved in all the pre-wedding preparations, but, originally the wedding shower was a surprise party, a charitable gesture, where friends would chip in and provide gifts in the absence of a dowry from the bride's father (due either to poorness or disapproval of the groom!) Today bridal showers are fun loving occasions where exciting bridal shower games add to the hilarity and daringness of the shower itself.

Have truck loads of fun as you play Bride Bingo Deluxe. An authentic take on the traditional bingo game, this comes with 40 colourful cards featuring appropriately themed wedding pictures, including a diamond ring, a bridal bouquet and a wedding cake. With sweetie treats for the markers, one of the bridesmaids acts as the caller. It is the first guest to get five in a row and shouts out 'bride bingo' who becomes the lucky winner. Three empty squares on each card can be filled in with the bride and groom's names and their wedding date. A blushing bride is guaranteed each time a guest calls her name! You can opt to have cards personalised with these details. A clever twist on traditional bingo is Gift Bingo – Bride Edition, where it is a selection of wedding gifts that mark the squares.

The newest in bridal shower games, Ring Bling scratch cards provide ample amusement as guests scratch away at the ring box to see who 'wins' the engagement ring. More merriment is generated by suitably themed Bridal Shower raffle tickets, 24 in all, with a prize (provided by the hostess) for the lucky guest with the winning ticket – drawn by the bride herself. Similar games are Prince Charming and Bachelorette – where it's the Total Hunk image on the scratch card that determines the winner! A game with a hot and steamy picture on the scratcher game cards of this total hunk, Between the Sheets is naughty but nice. Played like a typical lottery style ticket, the winner needs to get the card with the winning image. The hot image of the "Precious Jewels" is your winning ticket to a fun-filled bachelorette party! A bridal shower isn't complete without Bridal Shower Jackpot, a card with three perforated tabs under which guests hope to find three consecutive happy couple images. A variation is Bachelorette Party Jackpot, where it`s three images of a hunky stripper that causes the winner to swoon over her card.

Experience the excitement of Jackpot joy online games when you play bridal shower bingo games. Played for fun more than anything, don't depend on winning jackpot joy every time. But if you are adamantly chasing the prize, try playing more than one card at a time if given the chance. But don't get too competitive! Just relax and enjoy the charming party entertainment with especially themed bingo games for guaranteed bridal shower hilarity all round.

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